Law Office of Brandon M. Sanchez LLC

The Law Office of Brandon M Sanchez LLC is dedicated to providing high-quality representation to people needing help with criminal, personal injury, or family matters.

Winning trials since 2003, Attorney Brandon Sanchez knows what it takes to put together an excellent case. He believes strongly in the power of preparation and hard work, understanding that cases are won or lost in the preparation process.  Attorney Sanchez knows that to win a case, you have to get started early locating witnesses and investigating for evidence, as crucial evidence often disappears quickly after an accident or arrest.

As one of only a few attorneys in the nation to graduate from both Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College in Dubois, Wyoming and the National Criminal Defense College of Macon, Georgia, Brandon’s unique insight into trial advocacy makes him a sought after advocate in any case headed toward jury trial.  Through his education, experience, and effort, Attorney Sanchez has won many cases from Murders to misdemeanors simply by settling out of court.

Because your choice of attorney matters, Attorney Sanchez is ready to serve you in criminal, personal injury, divorce, or family issues, the Law Office of Brandon Sanchez is ready to discuss getting you the help you need.

Get the skilled representation you deserve from an experienced Missouri attorney.